Saturday, September 24, 2011

Should you give a knockout eulogy?

On September 4th Diane DiResta blogged about How to Give a Knockout Eulogy. She actually just gave one excellent example. Her blog is titled Knockout Presentations, so naturally she used knockout in her title. When I hear the word knockout, I picture an unconscious, downed boxer. So, for me, her title was almost across the line between tasteful and tasteless.

What would be a truly tasteless title? How about Eulogies that Knock ‘em Dead? That would be a cynical way for funeral directors to grow their business. (Martin John Yate wrote a popular series of books on job search topics starting with Resumes That Knock ‘em Dead, and Cover Letters That Knock ‘em Dead. Eventually he got around to using that exaggerated phrase for Knock ‘em Dead Business Presentations.) 

There really doesn’t seem to be a whole book written for dummies just on eulogies. However, there are some useful short articles about how to give a eulogy by Marie Wallace, Jim Anderson, and Lisa B. Marshall.

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