Saturday, January 14, 2012

Watching the comedians #5: Louis C. K.

Chris Salierno’s blog post about 5 Comedians That Will Make You A Better Public Speaker discussed Louis C. K. (Skeley). Louis writes, directs, and stars in the FX cable TV comedy series Louie. Here are three of his routines, and a tribute to George Carlin, all of which include profanity:   

Just because you can do something, like use Twitter, doesn’t mean that you should.

What kind of secrets could a five year old child have? Great gestures, but the black tee shirt doesn't work well on a black background.

What are the differences between boys and girls?

How George Carlin inspired him to go past using his stale old material.

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Chris Salierno said...

Excellent selections! I love this candid piece of him honoring Carlin. His message about throwing out the old material and digging deeper for new stuff is spot on.