Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sometimes an event just doesn’t fly

Early this morning I walked over to Crescent Rim Drive with my tripod and digital camera. I’d planned to take photos of 15 hot air balloons flying overhead at opening day for this year’s Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic. All I got was images like the one shown above. The organizers had trouble getting the real-time information about winds and weather that they wanted, and canceled the 7:00 AM launch. But, there still are four more days, so I’ll be back for more.

An image from last year shows what I’d hoped to see this morning.

What’s this got to do with public speaking? Often our speech is part of an event that can go wrong due to pesky details like weather. We need to think about what might happen, and plan ahead so we can recover from it. 

The spectator information page for the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic warns that people should leave their dogs at home. Why?

“The burners that power the balloons make a sound that is inaudible to humans, but when experienced up close by your pet, actually hurts his/her sensitive ears.”

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