Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Three tips on public speaking from comedienne Annie Lederman

Her tips are to:

1. Know your material.

2. Know your audience.

3. Practice. Practice Practice.

They are presented in an amusing 4-1/2 minute video on Yahoo Screen that is Episode 116 from the Mansome series. Annie's opening is:

“Hey guys, Annie Lederman for Mansome. Did you know that America’s number two fear is public speaking and that’s next to death. Do you know where I read that? On the bathroom stalls at a But I’m pretty sure it’s true.“

It is true. It’s one result (for women) from a survey of university students published last year that I blogged about on May 17th. See my third and fourth bar charts.

Annie Lederman also has appeared in Episode 112 Breaking It Off Clean and in Episode 80: Meeting Her Parents.

The 1976 image of Michael Dukakis speaking came from the Library of Congress collection.

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