Thursday, October 3, 2013

Now we’re only number 46!

On September 15th I blogged about being number 44 on Public Speaking 101: The Top Online Resources, a web page list at the Masters in Communication web site. Now an updated version of that list has 103 entries, and I've slipped down to number 46. Should that list now be called Public Speaking 103?

I looked a bit further at their web page with a Detailed List of Campuses that have a Masters in Communication Program, and am even less impressed by their level of detail. For the state of Washington just three universities in the Seattle area were listed, but they missed the University of Washington (who came to mind since on August 31st in Seattle they clobbered the Boise State University football team 38 to 6). They also missed Washington State University.

In the bay area of California they just listed California State University East Bay, but missed both San Jose State University and San Francisco State University. They also missed the University of California campuses in Davis and Santa Barbara.

Don’t rely on a single list. Look around, and you’ll probably find another.For public speaking blogs, look at Alltop Speaking.

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