Sunday, October 27, 2013

Stage Freight

Stage freight usually is a typographical error for stage fright, and won’t be caught by a spelling check program. It is one of many typos that can lower your credibility.

Back in November 2009 I blogged about Stage freight and other true typos or yakwirms. YAKWIRM is a long silly acronym for the phrase You All Know What I Really Meant.

I Googled “stage freight” and found that it had been recently used in the title for both a web page -  What Is The Fear of Public Speaking Called? Stage Freight or Glossophobia and a YouTube Video - Public speaking and speaker training camp - handling stage freight.

Stage freight also showed up on October 24th in a blog post by Brandon Gaille on 14 Fear of Public Speaking Statistics. It was in his list of Top 10 Phobias, which were really a list of fears borrowed without reference from a page at Speech Topics Help. I found that typo particularly silly since in a June 5th blog post on 10 Tips for Getting More People to Read Your Blog, his item 6 had warned to:

“Edit & Proofread Every Word Before It’s Published.”

The image came from an old poster for Hoyt’s A Black Sheep.

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