Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Celebrating another milestone - 900 Blog Posts

When I started this blog back in late May of 2008, I didn’t expect to keep going for over 900 posts. It’s been almost six years though. Here are the top ten most commonly viewed posts for the last month.(Curiously there are four from 2009, three from 2011, one from 2012, and two from 2014).

At #1, from October 27, 2009: The 14 Worst Human Fears in the 1977 Book of Lists: where did this data really come from?

At #2, from July 5, 2009: Two types of speech outlines: speaking and preparation.

At #3, from December 11, 2009: Does homeopathic Argentum nitricum reduce anxiety?

At #4, from September 18, 2009: Herbal remedies for anxiety.

At #5, from May 14, 2012: Who invented the flip chart?

At #6, from December 29, 2011: How can you easily draw dotted chalk lines on a blackboard?

At #7, from January 11, 2011: Timing lights for speakers.

At #8, from March 30, 2014: Sorry, but Zero Gravity Day is just an old April Fool’s Day joke.

At #9, from September 8, 2011: Motivational speech and Explosions in the Sky.

At #10, from April 2, 2014: YouGov survey of U.S. adults found they most commonly were very afraid of snakes, heights, public speaking, spiders, and being closed in a small space.

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John Zimmer said...

Congratulations on a great milestone, Richard!