Tuesday, May 12, 2015

How not to tell a story with an image - the “Roswell Slide”

On May 5th the Coast to Coast AM radio show had a segment on Roswell Alien Slides. You can hear part of the audio here at YouTube. They posted an image on their web site showing a body lying on a glass shelf. There seemed to be a placard at the lower right. To me it looked like a photo of a museum exhibit. But, they said instead it was Not Of This Earth:

“Dolan noted that the experts found the creature depicted in the slides to be anomalous, and though damaged or decomposed it was not mummified. Nor was it believed to be a mammal or human.”

In Poor Richard’s Almanack Benjamin Franklin quipped that fish and visitors smell in three days. On May 8th a web site called Blue Blurry Lines posted about The placard of the Roswell slides: The final curtain. They said that the first line actually read:


The whole fiasco can be summarized by three headlines from newspaper articles in The Mirror:

May 4th - Unseen Roswell ‘alien’ photos to be unveiled tomorrow -are they an extraterrestrial smoking gun or a cruel hoax?

May 6th - Roswell Slides Unveiled: UFO fans left heartbroken by Area 51 ‘alien’ photo unveiling which was ‘an epic fail.’

May 11th - The Roswell Slides: UFO researcher apologises after admitting ‘dead alien’ picture actually showed the mummified body of a child.


On May 11th the Coast to Coast AM web site briefly noted 'Roswell Slide' Revealed to be Mummified Boy

You can hear four parts of the May 5th Coast to Coast AM broadcast posted on YouTube by Paranormal Matters:
Part 1   Part 2  Part 3  Part 4

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