Sunday, March 20, 2016

Don’t dress like a ninja when you are going to speak!

Men often wear a navy blue or charcoal gray suit when giving a speech. What happens when there is a charcoal gray curtain in the background, and you thoughtlessly choose that gray suit? You look like a ninja. Only your head, hands, and some of your shirt will show up.

You can watch a long YouTube video from last year where motivational speaker (and ex-con) James Arthur Ray does this. (Mr. Ray has earned a page at the Encyclopedia of American Loons). He’s the guy who put the harm in Harmonic Wealth.  

You also can look like a snow ninja if you wear a white shirt or dress while standing in front of a whiteboard.

T. J. Walker has a YouTube video on What NOT to Wear for Your Next Presentation.   Nick Morgan blogged about What should a successful speaker wear in 2016?, and back in 2011 Denise Graveline blogged about When you’re speaking, what colors should you wear? 6 guideposts.

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