Thursday, August 25, 2016

Each and every day is a holiday

If you are an emcee, you may want to add interest (and fill up some time) by pointing out what holiday today is. Yesterday’s Pearls Before Swine cartoon by Stephan Pastis lamented:

Rat: “I’m tired of every day being a commemoration of something. So I declare August 24 ‘International Day That Celebrates Nothing Day.’ “

Pig: “Can’t. It’s Waffle Day.”

Goat: “Waffles have their own day?”

Pig: “Two actually.”

Rat: "It’s Out of Control!”

Rat is right. August 24th is National Waffle Day, and in Sweden March 25th also is Waffle Day

For today there are four choices:

National Kiss and Make Up Day
National Secondhand Wardrobe Day
National Senior Citizens Day
National Whiskey Sour Day

The waffles image came from the National Cancer Institute.

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