Friday, November 4, 2016

A double-wide landscape format flip chart - the KING from Italy

Almost any product can be changed - made bigger and better. Recently I ran across the new KING flip chart (Watch a 30-second Youtube video here). Traditionally flip chart paper has a narrow page format, which in PowerPoint jargon would be called Portrait. But there also is a wide page format called Landscape. (For projectors there is the standard 4:3 horizontal format where the height is 0.75 of the width, or widescreen 16:9 where it is 0.56).     

According to the KING description, the Standard Italian paper size is 27.6” (70 cm) wide by 35.4” (90 cm) high, as is shown above. (The U.S. 3M Post-It size is 25” wide by 30” high, and the UK ‘A1’ size is 23” wide by 32” high).

The new KING chart paper size is much larger - 44.9” wide by 34.3” high. Compare that with the U.S. 3M Post-It landscape paper size of 30” wide by 23.5” high.

Flip chart paper comes in what are called easel pads. A chart compares pad sizes for various formats. In Europe and elsewhere paper sizes often follow the ISO 216 standard, where the ratio in the Landscape orientation always the square root of two (~1.414), and common paper sizes are A0 (46.8” wide by 33.1” high) and A1 (33.1” wide by 23.4” high). (See the downloadable pdf four-page FACT SHEET SERIES on Paper from the Print & Copy Bureau at the University of Leeds). Curiously, the KING paper size is not the same as ISO A0.  

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