Thursday, November 10, 2016

There’s a big difference between a pledge and a question

Yesterday on her Speechwriter-Ghostwriter blog Jane Genova posted about how Drudge Report - Pledges Never To Post Another Hillary Photo Again. She claimed:

“The conservative Drudge Report's signature became posting unflattering photos of Hillary. They ranged from Sick-Hillary to Wicked-Witch-of-The-West-Hillary.

Well, the news website headlines with a neutral photo of Hillary and the pledge that this will be the very last photo of Hillary that it will post. The text screams that it is the end of the Clinton Inc. dynasty.Here is the link to the media coverage.”

Actually she got it completely wrong by missing a question mark at the end of their headline. On Twitter it instead said:

That was no pledge. What tabloid web site ever would rule out posting yet another unflattering celebrity photo? 

UPDATE  November 27, 2015

Back to the same old yellow journalism! Jane Genova hilariously blogged that Drudge Report Breaks Pledge to Never Again Post Photos of Hillary.

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