Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Shouldn’t you live your life thoughtfully?

An article by Dr. Ivan Misner on August 24, 2017 (with Alex Mandossian) was titled Discover Your Verb, and subtitled with an artificial grammatical choice - You can live your life three ways: as a Noun, an Adjective, or as a Verb!

Sorry, but I don’t like being sentenced to just one of those three. I’m much happier living as the Adverb thoughtfully.

There are lots of positive adverbs from a list of a hundred: boldly bravely, brightly, cheerfully, deftly, deliberately, devotedly, eagerly, faithfully, gleefully, gracefully, happily, honestly, inquisitively, kindly, merrily, powerfully, seriously, victoriously, vivaciously, warmly.

And there also are lots of negative adverbs to avoid: accidentally, angrily, anxiously, awkwardly, badly, blindly, boastfully, crazily, foolishly, hopelessly, irritably, jealously, lazily, nervously, obnoxiously, poorly, rudely, selfishly, shakily, tediously, wearily.

An image by Billy Hathorn of August Rodin’s famous sculpture The Thinker came from Wikimedia Commons.

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