Wednesday, October 4, 2017

What you write is not finished until you have proofread it

Being professional means that you produce documents that don’t contain typograsphical or grammar errors. That includes brief ones like posters, blog posts, slides, or other visual aids.

The presidential inauguration poster for Donald J. Trump initially contained an error, as shown above. The first sentence said: “No dream is too big, no challenge is to (sic) great.”

It could have been even worse, with a shredding challenge. Spelling or grammar checking software built into programs like Microsoft Word won’t catch everything. A single-page document from California State University describes 14 Proofreader’s “Tricks” you can use.

Lately Jane Genova hasn’t been proofreading some of her blog posts. I’ve added my corrections in [brackets] to three. She’s one of my favorite sources for bad examples:

“For example, Daily Mail TV, which is new this fall, had Nancy Grace ranting about how a witness had not be [been] called to testify in that infamous double murder trial a lifetime ago.”

“On [One] role he can take on is that of imprisoned Watergate lawyer Chuck Colson.” 

“That could [be] homicide, suicide or both.” 
ALIVE! -We Woke Up, Had Coffee from October 2, 2017:

“In the days of Queen Victoria, limited medical science and place [palace] intrigue usually meant early deaths.”

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