Sunday, December 24, 2017

Get sedated at the Anesthesia Lounge

Reportedly the most popular Uber destination in Idaho is the downtown Boise Cactus Bar. Other bars downtown include Dirty Little Roddy’s, Humpin’ Hannah’s and Liquid Lounge (and Solid Grill & Bar).  

Inspiration for naming a drinking establishment can come from almost anywhere. Down the hall from the cafeteria in the Central Tower of the Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center here in Boise I saw a room sign for the Anesthesia Lounge.

That name has already been used for a bar in St. Louis, a bar in Hialeah, Florida, and another in Panama City, Florida.

Curiously it also has been filed on August 1, 2017 (based on first use on January 1, 2016) as a trademark for:

"Computer software for use in enabling the delivery, distribution and transmission of digital music and entertainment material on the Internet; Digital media, namely, downloadable recordings featuring music for purchase, download, broadcast or streaming."

Over two decades ago, when I lived in Columbus, Ohio, there was a bar on High Street called The Library. When parents called a dorm room at Ohio State University, a roommate could truthfully state that the child they wanted to talk with was away at The Library.   

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Anonymous said...

I was visiting a friend at St. Al's and I saw the same sign and took the same photo. It's a great name for a bar.