Saturday, December 9, 2017

Not quite my name

Getting names of organizations or people right matters. Yesterday at the blog for the Nashville-based presentation design agency Ethos3 Kelly Allison posted about 5 Reasons Why You Should Join a Toastmasters Group:

The good news is that she mentioned those five reasons are:

Combat fear

Build Confidence

Sharpen Leadership Abilities

Improve Improvisation

Expand Your Network

The bad news is that, even in her title, she got the terminology wrong. What you join is not called a Group, it is a Club. She never mentioned the organization's full name either, and refrerred just to Toastmasters. She said:

“There are groups and chapters all over the United States and even across the globe, so there’s bound to be one within your vicinity, no matter where you are.”

The organization has been called Toastmasters International since back in 1930. And she linked to a page from Toastmaster magazine rather than a web page about Who We Are or how to Find a Club.

In the TV show Criminal Minds, from 2005 to 2017 actor Shemar Moore played FBI profiler Derek Morgan. He currently stars in S.W.A.T. But on November 17, 2017 at her Speechwriter-Ghostwriter blog Jane Genova instead posted with the title “S.W.A.T.” – Shermer Moore Makes a Lousy Bet.


Kelly Allison responded to my comment by changing the blog post text from Group to Club.

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