Monday, March 5, 2018

A very compact flexible prop

On March 3rd the Idaho Statesman had a very brief article by Dave Southorn titled Burley’s cheerleaders use odd props during halftime performance vs. Century with a 13-second video clip. The text simply said:

“At halftime of Friday night's 4A boys basketball semifinal between Burley and Century, the Burley cheer team performed a somewhat unusual dance for fans in attendance. Burley defeated Century 72-59.”

Those cheerleaders danced inside lengths of flexible air conditioning duct, as shown above. It’s just a larger version of the vent for a clothes dryer. The 4” diameter dryer vent material would work as a storytelling prop to represent a python or other large snake.

What was that dance about? One Facebook commenter noted that there was another story by Nicole Blanchard on February 28th titled Idaho cheerleaders sue school district, claim they were kicked off squad for sit-in. It might not be very cheerful at all.

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