Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A useful online directory of speech evaluation forms

In a press release issued on July 12th a new company in Los Altos, California called Rate Speeches announced they have compiled a directory of public speaking evaluation forms. They provide an interactive multimedia tool called the Speech Evaluator, so indexing and linking to the older technology is a useful way for them to get attention.

Their web site was launched on April 27th. It includes very recent interviews with Joseph DeVito, Steven Brydon, and Jerry Weissman.

Last year I blogged about Rubrics and Figuring Out Where You Are. The rubric from Tusculum College that I linked to then was in the Rate Speeches directory, but another from the University of Alaska Southeast was not.

Some other tools for assessing or evaluating can be found on the Opened Practices web site by clicking on Oral communication in the menu under AAC&U Essential Learning Outcomes. AAC&U is the American Association of Colleges and Universities, which has another web page on Oral Communication Assessment.

The Rolodex image comes from here on Wikimedia Commons.

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