Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Reframe your way around fear of public speaking

One way to overcome fear of public speaking is to reframe what you are doing. In a brief video Ivan Misner tells a story about an accountant who was terrified of speaking to her networking group about tax law. She was able to convey the same information easily in the form of a test or quiz though.

The very helpful idea that a speech isn’t something strange and different, just an enlarged conversation is at least a century old. In a longer video Professor Michael Motley discusses it as changing your view from a performance orientation to a communication orientation.

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Lucille said...

I definitely agree. Stage fright could be a very terrible experience. I also used to have stage fright before but right now I’m really happy that I was able to combat it before it could get the best of me. Aside from hypnosis, I also tried taking sedatives the night before I went on stage. I was hopeless and I thought that it wouldn’t work, but surprisingly it was effective. I woke up feeling relaxed and confident that I can perform with ease.