Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Would you like to order the Type-A steering wheel?

While driving in Boise recently, I was startled to see the irritated driver of the SUV in front of me use the center, left-turn-only lane to pass the car in front of him. That car only was going the marked 30 mile per hour speed limit. The incident got me musing about whether vehicle manufacturers are missing a potentially profitable marketing niche, as follows.

Once upon a time a customer (let’s call him Rupert) was considering ordering a Ferrari. He was discussing various options with his dealer.

Salesman: “Would you like the Type-A or the Type-B steering wheel?”

Rupert: “What does the Type-A wheel look like?”

Salesman: “It has a giant, specially-marked, blue horn button in the middle. The horn keeps on blowing unless you hold the button down.”

Rupert: “What’s the Type-B steering wheel like?”

Salesman: “It’s the one for more normal people!”

Please slow down, and lighten up. (The original image of a steering wheel came from here).

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