Monday, July 9, 2012

A new scale (rubric) for evaluating speeches

The July 2012 issue of Communication Education magazine contains a 29-page article by Lisa M. Schreiber,, Gregory D. Paul, and Lisa R. Shibley on The Development and Test of the Public Speaking Competence Rubric (PSCR). You can read the abstract here. This new scale  has nine core performance standards and two optional performance standards. For each standard a student’s performance is described on a five-point scale as follows:

0.  Deficient

1.  Minimal

2.  Basic

3.  Proficient

4.  Advanced.

Their nine core performance standards are: 

1. Selects a topic appropriate to the audience and occasion.

2. Formulates an introduction that orients audience to topic and speaker.

3. Uses an effective organizational pattern.

4. Locates, synthesizes and employs compelling supporting materials.

5. Develops a conclusion that reinforces the thesis and provides psychological closure.

6. Demonstrates careful choice of words.

7. Effectively uses vocal expression and paralanguage to engage the audience.

8. Demonstrates nonverbal behavior that supports the verbal message.

9. Successfully adapts the presentation to the audience.

Their two optional performance standards are:

(10.) Skillfully makes use of visual aids.

(11.) Constructs an effectual persuasive message with credible evidence and sound reasoning.

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