Friday, April 22, 2016

Another awful pie chart example

At Kelly Vandever’s Speaking Practically web site there was a blog post on April 11th by Tom Nixon. titled Give your graph a point of view illustrated by a pie chart with popular colors for North American cars similar to the one shown above. (His also was 3-D and had the segment for red exploded). His text said to:

“Give your charts and graphs a point of view by emphasizing the specific data that is critical to their understanding of your big idea or goal. Pull out the important numbers, enhance their display and show how those numbers are so important to the overall understanding of the content. Then add a headline and a sub headline that focuses their attention and have a powerful graph that both shows the data and delivers your point of view.”

Just over a month ago on March 17, 2016 I blogged about how 3-D Pie Charts are the Spawn of Satan. I don’t think Tom’s chart delivers his point of view. As shown above, a horizontal bar chart would be better. Now you can clearly see how white is hot and red is not (since it’s in fifth place and less than half the percentage for white). The data for my chart are from Axalta.

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Kelly Vandever said...

Sorry but I like Tom's chart MUCH better!