Thursday, April 21, 2016

WHO knows how to wash your hands - an excellent demonstration speech topic

Are you supposed to give a demonstration speech for a class or the Speaking to Inform manual at your Toastmasters International club?  The World Health Organization (WHO) has a solution. They have excellent information for talking about hand hygiene.

A good starting point is their seven-page pamphlet on Hand Hygiene: Why, How & When? There is a poster on How to Handwash? Also see their web page Clean Care is Safer Care.

There also is is a 14-minute YouTube video on Hand Hygiene posted by the New England Journal of Medicine. Detailed hand moves are shown starting at 6:15. The information is presented in clinical jargon though. If you want a clearer, funkier Philadelphia version, look at the six-minute Wash “Em - Hand Hygiene Music Video from Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals. They show the hand moves starting at 3:00. (The video was inspired by Michael Jackson’s song Beat It). Even more hand and dance moves are shown in another four-minute video Hand hygiene from rubbing to dancing

I found this topic via an article on page D1 of the April 19th Wall Street Journal by Sumath Reddy titled The right way to wash hands: A scientific inquiry. It also is discussed in a press release about a magazine article titled A Pragmatic Randomized Controlled Trial of 6-Step vs 3-Step Hand Hygiene Technique in Acute Hospital Care in the United Kingdom whose abstract is at PubMed

The image of hand washing came from Wikimedia Commons.

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