Monday, April 18, 2016

Strategies for effective lectures

In April 2015 a 6-page review article titled Practical Strategies for Effective Lectures by P. H. Lenz et al appeared in the Annals of the American Thoracic Society (Volume 12, Number 4, pages 561 to 566). You can read an abstract at PubMed (where I found it), view the full text, or download an Acrobat pdf file of the full text. It has a list of 39 references. The article is one in their medical series of Seminars for Educators.

This article contains six sections headed:

1]  The Rationale for Active Learning
2]  Contemporary Methods for Engaging Audiences
3]  Using Audience Response Systems to Promote Interactive Learning
4]  Organization and Delivery of the Large Group Session
5]  Techniques for Effective Slide and Graphic Design
6]  Alternative Software Tools for Large Group Presentations

Figure 2 in Section 5 shows an example of the Assertion-Evidence format for PowerPoint slides that I discussed in this blog back in February 2014.

The image was adapted from an 1895 one about Popular Lectures on Human Nature found at the Library of Congress.

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