Wednesday, September 28, 2016

How do you write 1300 blog posts? One at a time.

When I started the Joyful Public Speaking blog back in May of 2008 I never imagined that it would go on for this long - 1300 posts. But now that I am retired I plan to keep going since it provides me with a creative outlet.

As of today there have been 851,860 page views, which is comparable to the estimated current population for the city of Columbus, Ohio (where I once lived for most of a decade).   

How long does it take for me to write a blog post? Somewhere between three hours and three months. My September 20, 2016 post about Great versus small minds took about three hours from seeing the Sheldon cartoon to appearing here. Contrast that with my September 22, 2016 post about how Public speaking is not the most common fear for adults in British Columbia, which took three months because I had to sit down and use Excel to prepare a half dozen horizontal bar charts.

I have many inspiration for post ideas. They range from cartoons to serious magazine articles abstracted at PubMed Central, and other blog posts seen at Alltop Speaking.

The I-beam image was adapted from a Safety first poster by the WPA Federal Art Project seen at the Library of Congress.

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