Friday, September 9, 2016

Where’s Jane? Western Ohio isn’t on the border by Pennsylvania

It’s on the border by Indiana. But in her Speechwriter-Ghostwriter blog Jane Genova made that mistake twice when describing her recent move to the eastern Ohio city of Austintown. Revealing that you are geographically challenged is not great storytelling. You’d expect a professional writer to stop and proofread her stuff after months of research.

In a post on September 8th titled Settling In - Not when making a good living requires non-stop pivots and also here she said:

“....Finally, western Ohio, on the border of Pennsylvania, turned out to be the right fit.”

In an earlier one on August 26th titled You age out of New York metro - Surprisingly, you can start up success elsewhere  and also here she proclaimed:

“....After about seven months of research, I zeroed in on western Ohio, next to Pennsylvania. I knew the region from going to school and working there.”


On September 16th she finally referred to eastern Ohio.

Also, her CONTACT INFO says she is in the Northeast United States. According to Wikipedia the Census Bureau would disagree - they consider Ohio to be part of  Region 2 - the Midwest. A more honest description would have said Eastern Ohio (and Eastern Time Zone).

Then on October 8th she again referred to being in Western Ohio! Lady, make up your mind where the hell you are!

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