Monday, September 12, 2016

Dress for success, not like a ninja

On September 5th at the SketchBubble blog Ashish Arora posted on Look the Part: How to Dress for Success for Your Next Presentation. His  good advice included headings about:

Dress as well as your audience

Wear an outfit that allows movement

Dress Age-appropriate

Watch those colors

For the ladies...

And for you men...

What did he miss? Look at his image showing a man’s black suit coat against a slightly lighter gray background. Instead you should check out where you will be speaking. The clothes colors you choose should provide significant contrast with the background.

Otherwise you will be a stealth speaker, as I discussed on March 20th in a post titled Don’t dress like a ninja when you are going to speak! In an earlier 2011 post I also mentioned that you also should avoid finely spaced patterns like check shirts, which will produce moire patterns on video recordings. 

The ninja image is from Wikimedia Commons

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