Friday, April 20, 2012

How to Overstuff a Video with Photos and Cartoons

Suppose that you’d just written a 650-word blog post on Storytelling and Public Speaking - The Power of Telling Stories in Your Speech. If you spoke at a rate of 140 words per minute, it would take 4 minutes and 38 seconds to speak it. That’s slightly shorter than the five minutes for an Ignite presentation, which uses 20 slides. How would you turn it into a video?

Would you use 20 still images, or would you cram in 50 of them? Would those images include ten cartoons? Would you overlay the address of your web site across the bottom of each image in white letters (like movie subtitles) and obscure the captions for some cartoons? Watch what Alex Ryan did back in September of 2008.

At 1:25 he says that no one likes PowerPoint presentations anymore, so if you’re using them you should stop doing so. Doesn’t this sequence of still images look very much like a PowerPoint Presentation?

At 4:00 when Alex talks about a short, stocky movie star - and mentions Danny Devito, he instead shows an image of a very tall television star, Rainn Wilson, who plays Dwight in The Office and is over six feet tall.

This video is an excellent example of how not to add visual aids to a speech. Ten cartoons is way too many stories to tell in less than five minutes (even if there had been time to read their captions and react).

Alex’s newer web site is here. His recent brief YouTube videos here and here are much better.  

The overstuffed image was modified from a 1900 Puck magazine cover.

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