Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Recovering from an introducer’s worst moment

Back in February the Australian broadcaster Ms. Fifi Box wrote a story that appeared in the Herald Sun on My Public Speaking Shame. She was hosting an outdoor event on a sunny day. Fifi was to introduce three speakers who she hadn’t met before. She used a highlighter to write their names down on a scrap of paper and held it in her hand.

After fifteen minutes the first speaker was wrapping up, so she glanced at her cheat sheet for the name of the second - the CEO of the company holding the event. Oops! Her profusely sweating palm had washed away most of the writing, and left only an indecipherable smudge. Did it say ‘Matthew, “Montgomery’, or ‘Michael”? So, she told the audience to:

“Please, put your hands together and welcome to the stage your esteemed leader and CEO [mumbling like the microphone had malfunctioned].”  

They already knew exactly who she was talking about, so Fifi got away with it. She vowed to stay away from highlighters in the future though.

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