Sunday, June 14, 2015

Is there an Institute of National Health?

On June 6th I blogged about Playing Whack-A-Vole with a misattributed and bogus statistic at Statistic Brain (attributed to the U. S. National Institute of Mental Health). On June 9th at LInkedIn Pulse Jennefer Witter generated a new variation of that silliness in her article titled Can We Talk? Tips on Public Speaking  by claiming instead that:

“According to the Institute of National Health, 74% of people have a fear of public speaking.”

I never heard of them before. But in Paris there is an even more impressively named Institute of National Health and Medical Research. There also is a Swedish National Institute of Public Health.

Jennefer ends the article by plugging her The Little Book of Big PR. I hope the tips in there include to check sources and proofread before posting an article or a press release.

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