Thursday, June 18, 2015

Slip-ups, bloopers, and outtakes

When there is a slip-up in a presentation being recorded, you get a blooper or outtake that can be removed by editing. The blooper also can be used to remind that we aren’t really perfect. On June 1st Diane DiResta posted a YouTube video and then blogged about some of her bloopers. She also has another very brief video of her recovering from one.     

Sometimes a slip-up produces a useful innovation. Venerable Los Angeles restaurant Philippe the Original claims that back in 1918 the french dip sandwich resulted from a counterman accidentally dropping the roll top (or roast beef sandwich) into the gravy trough. The customer said he was in a hurry, tried it, and liked it. 

On April 1st I blogged about Phil Plait’s first ten videos for Crash Course Astronomy, and embedded his video of outtakes. There are lots of other humorous videos with Crash Course Outtakes. One of my favorites is the 2012 one from World History. It is Not Suitable for Work (NSFW), since at 3:10 John refers to “a long-ass time.”

Six others are:  

Anatomy & Physiology #1

Biology & Ecology

Chemistry #1

Government and Politics #1


Psychology #1

The sign was derived from a Caution slippery sign at Wikimedia Commons and a banana peel at Openclipart.

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